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About CC Workforce

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Why CC Workforce

Training new employees can be costly and time-consuming. We're here to change that.


Key industries and growing

We’ve built a strong skilled workforce solution for the skilled trades serving key industries such as asbestos removal, demolition, and construction.


In-house entities

We have a strong partnership with six in-house entities under the CC Group NZ umbrella covering a variety of sectors from lawn mowing to training.


Partners all over NZ

We have worked with over 20 companies in the sectors we operate in allowing us to grow our network and expand our experience through the years.
"The contracting market is changing and employers are struggling to find enough workers with the right skills. Add to this a shrinking contracting pool due to COVID-19 and it becomes clear that forward thinking organisations in New Zealand need new solutions."
David Serville

CC Workforce is a staffing company that specialises in supporting the building and construction industry with skilled workers. We have been able to provide services to a wide variety of companies from residential developers to larger commercial contractors. From contracting, we have been able to provide our clients with much-needed skilled contracting in order to complete projects on schedule.

The project managers at CC Workforce are well-connected and know all the right people when it comes to finding qualified individuals for your projects. The team has a combined 30 years of experience and has been working round the clock to become one of New Zealand’s most reputable contracting agencies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find workers who are best fit for each position, especially those where there may be a shortage of suitable candidates.

Over the years, we’ve also openly worked with various governments in order to help address contracting shortages.

We provide some of the best manpower services by enabling employers to search for workers based on their skills and availability instantly. This allows them to find the right person for any given project while saving valuable time.

Our team can then filter through all applications and select individuals who meet your needs. We can get them pre-screened, trained, and onboarded so you don’t need to. We are able to provide fast responses so you won’t feel like you’re waiting long before receiving support for your project or business endeavour.

Finding people is the first step that businesses have to face. You are not just finding people to fill up positions for your business, you looking for skills that will determine your company’s success.

We know how important it is for employers to have qualified workers from the beginning to project completion, and we understand that time is money and believe in working with you so you can get to work as soon as possible.

Let’s create a better everyday life for people.

We work to help get more people into work and overcome the barriers of not being able to find a job or not having the right skills.